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Trial Offer = 2 Lessons + Uniform
Trial Offer = 2 Lessons + Uniform
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  • Get in Shape
  • Grow Confidence
  • Help With Discipline
  • Be Able to Self Defend
  • Improve Self Control & Focus

"Our son has been enrolled at Soares Martial Arts for almost 4 years beginning in the Little Dragon's class and moving up the ranks as he has progressed. We've had a wonderful experience at this school and our son has developed self-confidence as well as discipline. The staff works hard to build relationships with the students and their families. I highly recommend this center!"

- Lori W., Mom of Student

"Three years we signed up our son, Kolin, as a shy, introverted 4-year-old who lacked social skills and confidence. Kolin is now a 7-year young man who, through his martial arts training, is social, confident, caring and respectful of others. He has also developed self-discipline which has aided him in excelling in school as well as sports. Kolin's training has also lead him to excel in team situations and he has become a role model within his soccer team because of it. A big thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Soares, Mrs. Andrade and the rest of the Martial Arts Staff and family."

- Season D., Dad of Student

"My personal reason for being a member here is that every class is a positive experience. The mental benefits of attending and engaging in class are at least equal to, if not greater than, the physical ones. It's an investment that pays dividends. "

- Renee L., Student